General Contracting

Harper & Sons provides General Contracting services to meet the needs of a diverse group of clients who have already completed the pre-construction stage in their project and have a working set of drawings and documents prepared. Our general contracting services will take the project through the entire construction process, from an open field or dilapidated old building to gaining an occupancy permit and seeing that you move into your completed building on time.

Our services start with a carefully prepared cost estimate of your project. We pride ourselves in delivering the best value to you through our estimating process, honed by years of researching the best products and tradesmen for our clients’ investment. Harper & Sons provide clients with the best pricing in both competitive bidding and negotiated arenas.

From the time your contract is executed, through completion, Harper & Sons works closely with our clients to ensure that their construction project goes as planned. Since our experience is grounded in general contracting, the owner can expect a professional experience with dedicated and motivated Project Managers and Superintendents. Upper management at Harper & Sons review the project site frequently to ensure total quality control and compliance with project specifications.

Management and project staff confer frequently—and strive to create a personal relationship—with the owner to help meet their needs and desires for the completed building. We understand that the owner’s needs may evolve during the progress of construction, and Harper & Sons seasoned staff works diligently to meet these needs in a timely manner during construction.

The Harper & Sons team approaches each project as a challenge requiring unique project solutions and as a chance to exceed the expectations of our customer.


Harper & Sons offers Design-Build services for owners desiring a single organization to responsibly handle all their construction needs. When this service is utilized, Harper & Sons manages all stages of the building process, including concept creation, design development, final costing, permitting, construction, and project closeout. Our depth of experience in constructing a diverse portfolio of buildings has given us the advantage of understanding the most efficient and effective building processes and designs that will meet the owner’s unique needs and preferences in a cost effective and timely manner. We offer a distinct advantage to the cost and time-conscious owner through these services since many cost and time saving decisions can be made during the design process, rather than waiting until the critical construction process has started.

When using the traditional Design-BID-Build method, the owner cannot be sure of the actual project cost until the general contractors have placed bids on the construction documents. In today’s market of volatile material prices, bids are often higher than the owner has budgeted due to the design elements and the time elapsed in preparing the drawings and in the bidding process. Harper & Sons’ Design-Build services offer a distinct advantage; we are able to offer cost and feasibility insight throughout the design process.

Design-Build methodology allows Harper & Sons to stream-line the entire construction process, since most of the issues that Harper & Sons staff recognizes as potentially disruptive to the construction process are resolved during design. We assist the architect in selecting designs for which materials and labor are most readily available in the construction marketplace, and which offer the owner the best value. This method equates to an efficient construction process, providing the best value and a more satisfied owner.


Harper & Sons has specialized in all types of renovations and additions to occupied and un-occupied buildings for much of our history. Our portfolio of projects includes limited interior renovations, historical renovations and preservation, large-scale mechanical and electrical renovations; and complete public school renovations. Our strength-in-experience enables Harper & Sons management to develop the most effective and least disruptive means of accomplishing the owner’s goal. Our talented project managers seek creative solutions to complex renovations of all sizes. We are sensitive to the needs of the existing buildings occupants and pride ourselves in keeping our clients’ facilities and organizations operating while completing the construction in a timely and safe manner.




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